Getting a same day GP appointment

same day appointment

Getting a same day appointment at your GP (general practitioner) can sometimes be tough. Every day there are several ‘same day’ appointments available to see all the doctors that are on duty that day. They usually become available first thing in the morning and of course they get booked up very quickly.  These appointments are given on a first come first serve basis and if possible you will be seen by your normal doctor dependant on their availability.

Most GP surgeries will have a small time slot still available after all these same day appointments have been taken although these are for urgent emergencies. It is usually at the receptionist’s discretion if they believe this is an emergency and they will have your medical records to aide them. There are other options if you can’t get a same day or emergency appointment at your doctor’s surgery.

Other options to same day appointments

As mentioned you can take alternative options to try and get your illness amended. The first option could be a call back from a GP. This means you may not physically see a doctor but they can talk through your symptoms and help you over the phone. The other option you have is to go to a local walk-in centre. Walk-in centres are known for their long wait times. Although if you need assistance they are a good alternative. The option which we would describe as a ‘last resort’ is the go to your local hospital and visit accident and emergency. Although we would only advise this if the illness is serious and you believe it needs to be addressed that day.

Although with all this in mind your general practice are always committed to dealing with all urgent and even no urgent problems as quickly as possible, which we hope can the majority of the time be the same day. Our doctors and receptionists around the country are tasked with a thankless task of making sure everybody gets seen and cured as quickly and efficiently as possible. Sometimes you may feel like they are against you although deep down they only have your best interests at heart and they are always trying to help.